Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sound alike list

I have been thinking of making a sound-alike list of late.  It will serve as a guide to newbies in this profession and also a database to those active...I have started recording them now seriously...yesterday I got one....heard "strict 9 overdose", was actually strychnine overdose.

Thank you

Monday, March 1, 2010


February being a 28-day month had left me with no other option, but to work both mornings and evenings.  As like always, I found a lot of words, terms, procedures, but could not blog about it immediately, anyway managed to keep a log of all of them and will try blogging about at least some of them as and when time permits.....

I got this term "HELLP syndrome" in an OB-GYN file....The acronym HELLP disguises a very serious complication, which if not diagnosed early, can prove to be quite serious.

HELLP syndrome is a group of symptoms which occur in pregnant women and stands for

H:  Hemolysis (breakage of red blood cells)
EL: Elevated liver enzymes.
LP:  Low platelet count.

HELLP syndrome is the complication arising out of preeclampsia and eclampsia.

More info about this serious condition can be had from here and here.

HELLP symptoms can also lead to misdiagnosis such as hepatitis, gallbladder disease, ITP or TTP.

Although there is no way to prevent HELLP syndrome, early prenatal care can help the care provider to find and treat the symptoms before they get out of hand...