Friday, October 11, 2013

Project Secretary and Document Controller

I am working as a Project Secretary and also document controller in a substation project.  Project Secretary is an administrative post, which involves providing support to Project Manager, Construction Manager, Planning Manager, Project Engineer, and Electrical Site Engineer.  Project Secretary is a sort of common thread connecting different functional leads and helps in the smooth running of the project.

The document controller is a person who is in charge of all the documents coming in and going out of the project.  The most important aspect of this job is creating traceability.  You will be asked suddenly to present a document which was sent by a vendor on certain date, a good document controller will be able to trace out the document in a jiffy.  This is a job which requires one to be well organized.  Although in other projects of our company, Project Secretary and Document Controller are two separate persons, in my project I am playing a double role.

My previous job experience of Medical Transcriptionist and Audit Executive have been of great help in performing the role of Project Secretary.  I have had good exposure to MS word as an MT and MS Excel as an Audit Executive, and here as a Project Secretary, I am using MS Word, MS Excel and also MS Power Point extensively.

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