Monday, March 30, 2015

The Landscape has changed

Three and a half years is a not big time frame to hold comparisons or to form balanced opinion, and I would mostly agree to this view, but not for medical transcription.  Having come back to MT fold after a hiatus of 3.5 years, I find the environment more tough, more stringent, and therefore less lucrative.

While it is true that voice recognition has been a tool for enhancing productivity, saving time has also lead to stricter quality control regimens being put in place.  Looking from a patient safety point of view, having quality control is the way forward.  This holds true for all industries, not only MT as this helps in letting the industry evolve and sets the benchmark for future.  The reason quality control and checks exist is that the final product which reaches the consumer never falters beyond the acceptance level of the consumer as well as the industry standards and the balances and checks that have been built in the quality control process makes the industry a better place in the future.  In other words, it makes the industry stronger and robust.

However, the quality control and checks seems to have taken a new meaning for MT industry.  While on the one hand, the frequent audits ensure that MTs are always on their toes with regard to accuracy of their reports, it also means that their productivity diminishes.  Although productivity cannot be enhanced at the cost of patient safety, there seems to be no steps being taken to counter the end of the problem, i.e. the quality of dictation.  It is a known fact that a good dictation produces a good transcribed report, although a skilled transcriptionist can make a good transcribed report from a bad dictation as well.  So, who will bell the cat? A transcriptionist alone does not produce a report, dictator plays a big part in it.  With all the quality checks, audits etc concentrating on the transcriptionist, his or her productivity is bound to suffer and this will lead to migration of skilled workers into other avenues.

A quality check or control which is making the workforce insecure and flee to other avenues has got something blatantly wrong and I hope the bigwigs take note and make amends before its too late.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Diarist is back

Hello friends,

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the Diarist of MT diary is back and that means MT diary wont be having the deserted, haunted, dilapidated, abandoned, orphaned look again.

So, stay tuned, stay healthy and don't forget to keep visiting MT diary to catch all the action ;).