Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Recently, while doing a file, I heard what sounded like "Tournikot", I felt the dictator was dictating tourniquet in a slightly different way, but to my surprise, heard the dictator mentioning tourniquet clearly at the end of the procedure.  On carefully listening again, tourniquet was mentioned both at starting and ending, but in the middle portion of surgery (a hand surgery), it was "Tournikot", finally my friend google came to my rescue and threw up this.

The Tourni-Cot is an elastic ring that when rolled on a digit, squeezes the blood out and occludes the vessels.

So, dear fellow MTs, if you are doing a file and hear "Tourni-Cot," do not mistake it for tourniquet, although the technical function of both is same, i.e. constricting circulation...

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