Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I am back..........

My journey from MT to an Audit Executive to a Project Secretary has been posted in MT Herald, thanks to Mr. Raj for giving the wonderful opportunity for writing a guest post there.  MT diary was very much related to my previous work, ie MT which is why it was left unattended after I changed my field.  More ever, my work in Delhi required lots of travel, which left me with very little leisure time.  However, now, it is a different place, different country and different work, which leaves me with some time to jot down my ravings, so just thought of continuing with MT diary, which will now become diary of an Ex-Medical Transcriptionist.  My posts will be related to my current work environment, my work experiences, other career avenues and opportunities et all.  You can check here for my usual blah blah …J

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